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Monogram Models

Monogram Models

Browse our list of Monogram model kits for sale by auction. Find a great collector's item in the listings.

Monogram has been making models since the 1950s, mainly 1/8 aircraft, 1/32 armoured vehicles, 1/87 cars. In 1986 Monogram was merged with Revell, the emrged company is now owned by Hobbico.

Monogram initially specialised in the model race car market, with such items as a 1/8 scale Ford Model T which had an optional electric motor. Over time Monogram diversified its range, moving into the military vehicles and craft. Some of these models included "operating features" such as a working ejection seat on a F105 Thunderchief.

Monogram B-29 Superfortress Model Kit

Whilst Monogram models are not exactly rare, some original unassembled mint condition kits can go for as much as US$200.

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