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Unimax - Forces of Valor Models

Select a Unimax/Forces of Valor scale model our wide range available with a Buy Now price or via auction.

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Unimax was founded in 1975 by Arthur Chan in Hong Kong. They now have offices around the world and supply their models and toys to a global market. The company still embrace the founder's core values, to produce innovative and high-quality collectible models and toys.

The Forces of Valor model range and mostly pre-built with a few minor pieces to be added by the purchaser. They do produce a few model kits for the keen model builder.

Most of their models are military based, encompassing a wide range of vehicles, tanks, helicopters, battleships and planes. They also produce a selection of soldiers. Scales range from a 1:16 Sherman tank through to a 1:1000 model of the German battleship Bismarck.

Unimax/Forces of Valor Models For Sale

Browse our selection of Forces of Valor models below. These kits are currently available for immediate purchase or via auction.

If the particular Unimax model is not available right now, please bookmark this page and check out the auction listings on My Model Hobby again tomorrow.

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