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Ship Model

Model building is a hobby that you either love or hate. Some people just do not relish spending hours upon hours gluing intricate pieces of plastic or wood together, while others would welcome the satisfaction one feels when creating a model and completing it.

My first model was an old Godzilla monster model. Not much to it but because I was pretty young, I really enjoyed putting it together and painting it. I soon advanced to model planes which I thought was the greatest because once they were done and painted, I could hang them from the ceiling with a string.

Nothing beats the anticipation of opening that kit box for the first time and pulling all the pieces off the die molds, then laying them out in front of you and making sure you have all you need to proceed to build your latest masterpiece.

My step father is into building older boat models. Talk about intricate, he will spend hours just making sure one line rigging is just right. Those babies look like the real deal once he is done with them.

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