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Star Trek Models

Everybody has heard of Star Trek. During the early days of the TV series, they made extensive use of the scale models to provide visual effects. The opening credits uses one the most well know Star Trek models available. The Enterprise is recognized by both young and old.

The modern movies and tv shows don't make much use of the models and perform most of the visual magic with computer generated graphics. This however has not stopped manufacturers from coming out with scaled models of the new shows like Generations, and Enterprise.

No matter which Star Trek show you love, there is a detailed scale model of it that you can build and collect.

Listed below is a small number of Star Trek models listed for auction which are set to end soon. Every listing below is currently available, and can be bid on right now, and because it's ending soon, you have a great chance of placing the winning bid. Not happy with the selection your seeing today? Bookmark this page and come back tomorrow, or even in a couple hours, and there will be fresh choices shown.

Below are the current listings on eBay. If you see one that appeals to you bid on it or type what your looking for into the search bar and you will be shown those items that are available right now on eBay.

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