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Hasegawa Model Kits

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Hasegawa first started making plastic models in 1961 with airplane models. The following year Hasegawa found success with the 1:450 model of the battleship Yamato.

Hasegawa manufacture models across a range of scales from the 1:8 'Museum' aircraft series, featuring the Sopwith Camel, down to 1:700 Waterline ships and U-boats. Their main product line is the 1:72 scale, generally of World War II or modern military airplanes. Some of these military aircraft model kits are considered the definitive model kits for the item.

Hasegawa occasionally release 'Egg Planes', which whilst are not specifically scale models, they are novel egg-shaped models of popular military aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor as well as a NASA 747/Space Shuttle combo.

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