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Pocher Mercedes Models

Over the years Pocher has produced a number of models of Mercedes motor vehicles, notably the classic 540K. Some of these models sell for over US$1,000 as they are very rare and collectible models. Check our eBay auction listings below to see if you can find a bargain.

Pocher Mercedes-Benz 500K/AK Cabriolet
Pocher Mercedes-Benz 500K/AK Cabriolet

Whilst Pocher produced many versions of the 540K, it also craeted models of the 500AK and 500K, and recently put on show a kit for the Mercedes 300SL "Gullwing" which contains 1,300 parts and weighs 9kg. This model kit is currently unavailable so we can't quote a price but we look forward to seeing it for sale soon.

Most of Pocher's Mercedes models were released as part of their 'Classic' line, which boasted amazing detail on the models, with functioning brake systems, pistons and rotating crankshafts. As with all their model automobiles, Pocher kits were 1/8 scale which meant the finished items could be over 500mm in length and weigh up to 7kg.

Check the listings below to see if you can find one of Pocher's Mercedes classic model kits at a bargain price.

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