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Pocher Ferrari Model Kits and Parts

Whilst Pocher only have Lamborghinis in their current model car range, over the years they have produced a number of great Ferrari model kits for the enthusiast to make. Below is a selection of these kits and spare parts available at auction on eBay, some will come with a 'buy it now' price for an instant purchase. Even part kits, used for spares, will fetch three figure sums whilst fully assembled kits can be priced into the thousands. But of course, there is a reason for this, as most of Pocher's Ferrari kits are part of their outstanding 'Prestige Model' range with high quality parts and high detail kits.

Browse the selection to find the Pocher Ferrari model kit you are looking for. If you can't find a listing for it, please bookmark the page and try again in a few days - the listings are constantly changing as model enthusiasts make their kits available for purchase.

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