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Pocher Bugatti Model Kits

Pocher produced model kits for the Bugatti in their Classic kit line. The Classic line's model kits were reknown for their moving parts, such as pistons, crankshafts as well as a part count numbering in the thousands. Cars from the 1930s formed the majority of model kits in the Classic range.

Three Pocher Bugatti model kits were produced, the Bugatti 50T (kit number K76), Bugatti 50 T Coupe de ville (K84) and Bugatti 50T Surprofile (K86).

A Bugatti T50 engine kit (KM76) was also available, with a moving crankshaft and pistons.

Here's a great video showing the outstanding detailing available on Pocher's Bugatti model kits.

These kits are no longer manufactured but you can see a selection of secondhand kits below.

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