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Aurora Monster Models

Aurora models are especially well known for their range of monster models. In the early 1960s, Aurora were licensed by Universal Studios to produce a range of monsters that had appeared in their movies.

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The first Aurora monster model, released in 1961, was of Frankenstein. It measured over 19 inches tall. Following Frankenstein were twelve more models based on monsters from Universal movies, such as Dracula, Wolf Man and the Mummy.

In addition to the monster models, Aurora produced monster vehicles such as Dracula's Dragster and Frankenstein's Flivver.

Whilst monster model production may seem at odds with Aurora's traditional car and aircraft ranges, the monster models prove a nice crossover between model enthusiastics and movie fans.

Below are the current Aurora monster models available on eBay. If you see one that appeals to you bid on it or type what your looking for into the search bar and you will be shown those items that are available right now on eBay.

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